Welcome to KO bugda :-)

KO bugda is project created with intention collect all possible information about game Knight Online and keep it on one place.

Project is kept by player of the game and have nothing to do with NTT Game and because of that it can happen that some information is wrong or is completely missing. Feel free to contact me anytime.

You all probably know that I stopped playing the game so I am not actively updating this site anymore. (It can change in future as I have plans but need to get energy for them as well). From that reason, paying for hosting is becoming more costly. If you like KO Bugda and would like to help me KEEP IT running at least in the current state, you can donate me through paypal. There won't be other option to donate as it was here for quite long time but it was harder to maintain and almost wasn't used at all.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Now accepting PayPal

Change log

Date Description
  • Added Commander skill Determination (+30% AP)
  • As you could mention, I am not much active recently. Do not have much time nor mood to do much changes. But because main functions are developed (I don't count broken calculation of Kurian - I am unable to figure out, how it works), then it's not so big deal. Will keep kobugda running anyway and when will have more time than I do nowadays I will do some changes. But speed will be decreased since now.
  • Also removed donation tab. Basically nobody used it and I do have some troubles with provider of coffee stuff, so better to remove it. It doesn't pay hosting so it does not worth the troubles ...
  • Added some quests (repeatables and dailies) into quest list.
  • Into Rebirth level section added some additional information about rebirth level daily quest.
  • Culculator level selection increased from level 83/5 to level 83/10.
  • Added Praz for hit emblem into database (UTC quest emblem)
  • Advanced calculator - Added MP and HP recovery items. Note that they in categorized as Rare item.
  • Added overview about Monster stones You can check there how many exp you will get at each level with each premium/exp event and easily can see how many monster stones you will need to get level up.
  • Added overview about Bounty / Vanguard system
  • Technical issues with coffee provider were finally fixed! And so KO Bugda is accepting donations again! Payments can be made by debit/credit card or by Paypal. Thank you to all!
  • Advanced calculator - Added also bonuses not needed in calculation just fo information (like exp bonus, noah bonus etc)
  • I made some adjustments like item images in better quality etc. YOu probably won't mention most of them, so will not write them here.
  • Advanced calculator - Fixed bug with importing configuration with cospre armors with defense bonus
  • Added info about rebirth levels
  • Added video for Draki tower and Rebirth level quest (I wanna add next videos in future)

Known bugs - working on fix

Module Description
Advanced calculator
  • Kurian calculation is wrong. Defense is wrongly calculated with passive defense skills and for now I am unable to figure out correct formulas. (seems there is also bug in game)
  • Kurian calculation seems to be wrong also for AP calculation ...
  • AP calculation is wrong if you have unequiped weapon.