Rebirth levels


Rebirth levels are special levels which will grant you 2 bonus stat points to your character.
Rebirth level is displayed after slash sign at your character info (for example 83/1 means you are rebirth level 1).
After you reach your first rebirth level, you will see wing icon above your head and all of your quests get reseted.

What does it mean "bonus" stat points?

Stat points which you distribute after each level are normal ones. Stat points which are given by items and are displayed in bracket are bonus points.
For example, if you have some stat 255 (+20) then it means that you have 255 points counted as normal and 20 as bonus points.
In most cases it does not matter, but in some cases it does - for example, normal points in health are giving also defense points (except kurian class) but bonus points does not.

What is max rebirth level?

At all servers it is 15.

Rebirth daily quest

If you are already rebirthed, you can start doing new daily quest available in Ronark Land. Quest can be activated by [Soul Healer] NPC in your base town.

You need to kill 3x Spirit of Hero boss which spawns at Dark Knight spot behind both base towns.

What can I get?

Reward depends on your rebirth level:

  • If you are rebirth level 1-5, you will get Dason's Delicate Gift Box
  • If you are rebirth level 6-9, you will get Dason's Shining Gift Box
  • If you are rebirth level 10, you will get Dason's Glorious Gift Box
All boxes can drop same items, but with different probabilities for better drops.

At the moment I don't know percentage chances of each drop but you can get one of the following items:

  • 1x Gem of defense
  • 1x Gem of Life
  • 1x Gem of Contribution
  • 1x Exp flash
  • 1x DC flash
  • 1x War flash
  • 1x Silver coin
  • 1x Speed potion
  • 1x 2000 HP scroll
  • 1x 350 defense scroll
  • 1x Teeth of Devil
  • 1x Horn of Devil
  • 1x Claw of Devil
  • 1x Heart of Devil
  • 1x Vein of Devil
  • 1x Bone of Devil
  • 1x Wings of Devil
  • 1x Skull of Devil
So as you can see, some drops are very valuable.

Boxes can be exchanged at [Operator] Julia (same NPC as for red/green/blue chests exchange)

What I need to do rebirth level?

Rebirth levels are special ones and only exp is not enough. You need to complete quest in Moradon ([Fortune Teller] Mekin at 867, 596).
Quest is composited from 3 parts

  1. 100.00% EXP
  2. 100'000'000 COINS
  3. 10'000 NP
  4. It is important to have empty room in your inventory or quest get bugged
Here is video how to do it